Custom Virtual Airline System

We use the best Airline Management System in the industry

Up-to-date Schedules

By using the official Lufthansa  Group API

Welcome to Ocean Virtual

We’re more than just an airline – we’re a friendly group in the virtual sky. We replicate the operations of Discover Airlines, ensuring an authentic aviation experience. Enjoy realistic and dynamic flights with our up-to-date schedules provides my multiple sources. Join the fun at our community events and connect with other aviation fans on our Discord. Ocean Virtual is where community and flying come together!

Why us?

Casual Pilot?
  • Low Activity Requirements
  • Detailed Leaderboards
  • Easy to use systems and software
Realism is important?
  • Constantly Up-To-Date Schedules
  • Already prepared routes and flight plans
  • Regular Events and Fly-ins
Hard-core simmer?
  • A learning environment
  • Automatic PIREP Grading System
  • Detailed PIREP logging and display